Fields in forms

Create the right type of form field

Custom fields in Deskhero’s form feature allow you to gather and store information tailored to your specific needs. Deskhero’s form fields come in a variety of types including regular text, email, numeric, date, file upload, and select one or many. This flexibility ensures that you can create the right type of form field to collect the information you need.

One of the key benefits of Deskhero’s custom fields is the ability to reuse them across multiple forms, lists and tickets within your tenant. This saves you time and effort in having to recreate the same fields for each new form or list. Additionally, custom fields are unique across your tenant, giving you the ability to search and filter for values across all lists for a particular field.

Collect and store the information you require

With Deskhero’s custom fields, you have the power to gather and store information that is specific to your needs. The variety of field types and ability to reuse fields across multiple forms and lists ensures that you can efficiently collect and store the information you require. Get started with Deskhero’s custom fields today and take control of your data collection process.