Logical steps

Add logic, take your forms to the next level.

Imagine a world where your customer’s journey through your form is seamless and intuitive, with only relevant questions being presented to them. With Deskhero’s logic, you can create rules that skip or redirect the user based on their answers.

For example, if a customer is reporting an issue with their account, they can be redirected to a form specifically designed to handle account-related inquiries. If they’re seeking information on a product, they can be redirected to a form with detailed product information. The possibilities are endless.

Guiding the customer through a personalized journey

Not only does this make the process easier for your customers, but it also allows you to collect more accurate and organized information. By guiding the customer through a personalized journey, you can gather the information you need to better understand their needs and provide the best possible solution. Say goodbye to generic, lengthy forms and hello to a streamlined and personalized experience with Deskhero’s custom forms and logic.