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Stop using Gmail or Outlook as your customer support desk!

Are you still managing customer inquiries through Gmail, Outlook, or other traditional email clients? It's time for a change. Welcome to Deskhero, the ultimate AI-powered customer support platform that redefines efficiency and enhances productivity.

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3 reasons to choose Deskhero

Personalized, Context-Aware Responses

Our AI delivers intelligent, context-aware replies tailored to each customer’s unique needs. By analyzing past interactions and relevant data, Deskhero ensures every response is accurate and personalized.

As soon as you open up a ticket, new or old, you’ll have a response ready waiting for you. You can choose to send it as is, generate a new or do minor edits to your reply. Our AI will never send anything without your approval. 

Unified Knowledge Base

Deskhero integrates seamlessly with various data sources like:

  • Previous emails
  • Uploaded documents
  • Your website

This creates a comprehensive knowledge base that your AI has access to 24/7.This means your support team always has access to the most relevant information at the tip of your finger tips.

Cost-Effective Productivity

Reduce operational costs with Deskhero’s intelligent automation. By automating routine tasks and managing high volumes of queries effortlessly, Deskhero frees up your team to focus on more complex and value-added activities.

By minimizing manual intervention, you save time and resources, allowing your support team to operate more effectively within budget constraints.

The benefits you just can’t ignore

Reduced Response Times

With AI handling the initial triage and response, your customers get faster resolutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Personalized responses mean customers feel heard and valued.

Easy Scalability

Easily manage increasing volumes of support requests without additional strain on your resources.

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Upgrade from traditional email clients to Deskhero and experience a new era of customer support. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies who are transforming their support systems with AI.

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