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Ticketing system with intuitive interface and automations.
Logic-enabled Forms to gather more accurate data from your customers.
Tables with Kanban view for managing and organizing all kinds of data.
Knowledge base
Knowledge Base with built-in text editor, collections and the whole Help Center.
Ticketing Ticketing
Logic Logic
Self Service Self Service
Your data Your data

Working hours per year can be saved by leveraging help desk software and providing Self-serve solution.

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Of consumers prefer messaging over calling for Customer Support.

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Of customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.

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Built to do whatever you want

Most solutions are built to do just one thing. When they build more functionality, they do it by adding more specialized toolkit. Deskhero isn’t like that.

Deskhero does what it does by being totally agnostic about what data you put it, how you choose to structure it, or what you choose to use it for. The secret is in how we treat data. You can create your own fields, and populate them any way you want. Lists are true databases, letting you manage your data visually and instantly. Filters and search let you see exactly what you need instantly.

Built to do whatever you want
Created, based on your needs

Created, based on your needs

If you didn’t see the solution you need on this page, please let us know!


Thanks, John! We value your feedback!

Thank you for taking part in our helpdesk research and helping us create a new, better helpdesk. Our goal is to create the best possible product, and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions play a major role in helping us identify opportunities to be better.

How it works

We took care of setting up process and made the interface and configuration as simple as possible.

Step 1

Hit Sign Up button on the top right corner. All you need is email address and your account is ready! It will get you to the Tenant Configurations, fill a few fields and you are completely set, let’s get to the Onboarding.

Step 2

On the Onboarding screen you will see 5 simple steps to help you set up tenant ready to start your customer support journey. Complete your account, tenant, add email domain, invite team and set up Help Center.

Step 3

We offer Product Tour to get tips and directions of how to use Deskhero more efficiently, get to know advanced features and automations. Start building Knowledge Base, enable ticketing and enjoy Deskhero!


Pay only for what you use with pricing per active user per month.

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4.95 €
9.95 €
19.95 €
0.00 €
Google Auth
API Access
Custom Permissions
Custom Portal Appearance
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Custom Email Domain
1k Tickets
3 Tables

Get Customer Support and Internal Workflow
tool for your team for 6 month free on any plan!

All that needed from you is your valuable feedback and our team is always here to
help you not only set up but all the way through Customer Support journey!


The first invitations to Early access will begin Q4 2022 and continue into the beginning of 2023. General access is expected to launch Q2 2023.

The first release will contain the core of the platform, which is the dynamic fields that you can use to customize, collect and filter data in your lists. The first release will also contain the basics of our ticketing portal where you can hook up your own domain to receive tickets, work in Kanban views and keep track of progress in a intuitive way.

We will continue our extensive roadmap and iteratively release additional features and functionality.

There is a free plan with most of the features so you can get started in a minute without the need of billing details. Once you need more data, its easy to upgrade the plan.

Click on the ‘Get early access” button and add your email to join the waitlist.

Product release

Release timeline