User-friendly and intuitive interface The knowledge base articles in Deskhero are equipped with a rich text editor that provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for creating and formatting articles. With a wide range of formatting options, including headings, lists, images, and code blocks, you can ensure that your articles are well-structured and visually appealing. The […]
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History log

Coming soon
See all changes made over time The ability to track and revert changes can be a useful tool since the history of each article is kept, allowing you to see all changes made over time and revert to a previous version if necessary. Easily track changes This feature helps to ensure that your knowledge base […]
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Organize your articles for easy navigation and searching The categorization feature of the knowledge base allows you to organize and structure your articles for easy navigation and searching. You can create categories and subcategories to drill down into specific topics, making it easier for your team and customers to find the information they need. With […]
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Measure article effectiveness The knowledge base articles in Deskhero come with features that help measure their effectiveness and usefulness. We’re tracking view counts to display the number of times an article has been viewed, giving you an idea of how popular it is. The KB articles also comes with a rating system, where users can […]
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The first invitations to Early access will begin Q4 2022 and continue into the beginning of 2023. General access is expected to launch Q2 2023.

The first release will contain the core of the platform, which is the dynamic fields that you can use to customize, collect and filter data in your lists. The first release will also contain the basics of our ticketing portal where you can hook up your own domain to receive tickets, work in Kanban views and keep track of progress in a intuitive way.

We will continue our extensive roadmap and iteratively release additional features and functionality.

There is a free plan with most of the features so you can get started in a minute without the need of billing details. Once you need more data, its easy to upgrade the plan.

Click on the ‘Get early access” button and add your email to join the waitlist.