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Step into the future with Deskhero’s
AI-driven, cost-effective solutions


Deskhero is a customer support and case management tool designed to simplify and enhance your customer service operations.

By integrating AI technology, Deskhero helps in saving significant time for agents, providing AI-written replies based on a rich knowledge base and prior interactions.

This efficiency not only streamlines your support process but also ensures that your customers receive prompt and accurate responses.

Deskhero’s AI feature analyzes your existing data, such as previous tickets and knowledge base articles, to provide contextually relevant and accurate suggestions for customer inquiries.

This AI-driven approach not only accelerates response times but also ensures consistency and quality in your customer interactions, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Deskhero is built with privacy and security as fundamental components of its core architecture.

We take the protection of your data seriously.
All data within Deskhero is encrypted, both in transit and at rest, to ensure maximum security.
As a standard practice, features like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are also available, reinforcing the secure access to your account.

By integrating these security measures, Deskhero ensures that your data management is not only efficient but also securely guarded.

Deskhero offers a range of innovative features, including:

Custom Fields
Create diverse field types for detailed data categorization.

Custom Lists
Organize structured data effectively using custom fields.

Powerful Filters
Easily filter data for insights and streamlined operations.

Ticketing System
Automated ticket generation with AI-generated suggested replies.

Kanban Boards
Visualize tasks and workflows with customizable Kanban boards.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base
Build a rich repository of information for quick reference.

In-App Search with AI Assistance
Find relevant information quickly with AI-enhanced search capabilities.

Absolutely! Deskhero is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and industries.

Its scalable platform and tiered pricing strategy ensure that you have access to all features regardless of your business size, with the flexibility to upgrade as your business grows.

Getting started with Deskhero is both easy and risk-free.

Sign up for free – no credit card required – and try it out yourself.
This allows you to explore and experience the full range of Deskhero’s capabilities without any upfront commitment.

The free version provides you with an excellent opportunity to understand how Deskhero works, and you can always upgrade later as needed, when you require more data volume.