AI Driven Search

Contextual Search

Deskhero brings you the power of advanced AI-driven technology to perform deep and intelligent searches within your customer support data.

Unlike traditional search methods, Deskhero’s AI capabilities dive deep into the context of your data to provide accurate and highly relevant results. By utilizing OpenAI Embeddings API, every piece of your data – tickets, knowledge base articles, scraped websites – is converted into embedding vectors, creating a robust matrix of searchable data.

Formulate a question and get a human like answer based on your own data.

This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the relationships and contextual nuances within your data. The AI then uses these vectors to search for the best possible matches based on the question’s context, transforming search from a mere keyword matching exercise into an enlightening exploration of your data’s depth and breadth.

Ask Your Data Anything

Deskhero isn’t just a tool, it’s your organization’s smart assistant ready to answer any question you might have about your available data.

Got a question about a particular ticket, a specific knowledge base article, or a scraped piece of data? Simply pose your question in the search bar. Our AI-driven search takes your queries, runs them through the OpenAI Embeddings API, and scans the entirety of your data for the most relevant information. The question is then passed to ChatGPT along with the relevant data, and a human-like answer is generated, as if your data is having a direct conversation with you.

Deskhero leverages cutting-edge AI technology to break down data silos, bridging the gap between data and meaningful insights. Ask anything, and let your data provide the answers.