AI Training Data

Make Use of Forgotten Documents

Most organizations possesses a treasure trove of knowledge hidden in the numerous documents – user manuals, policies, guidelines, or other resources – that often lie forgotten in storage.

With Deskhero’s AI Training Data feature, you can now breathe new life into these valuable documents. Whether they’re in Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or other popular formats, you can upload these documents directly into the Deskhero platform. Our AI system then processes these documents, extracts all the valuable information, and transforms it into an integral part of your knowledge base.

Finally, these documents are not just gathering digital dust; they’re actively contributing to the growth and development of your organization’s customer support capabilities.

Convert to Data Gold

When you upload a document into Deskhero, it’s not just stored; it’s converted into ‘data gold’.
The system uses the OpenAI Embeddings API to convert the document’s content into an embedding vector, a searchable and meaningful piece of data.

This makes the content readily available for the AI-driven search function, and it becomes a potential source of data for generating suggested replies for incoming tickets.

Every document you upload enhances the pool of data that Deskhero can draw upon, making each search more comprehensive and each suggested reply more accurate.

With the AI Training Data feature, your forgotten documents become a golden resource, empowering your organization to provide even better customer support.