Web Scraping

Harvest Your Website

Make the most out of your existing online presence with Deskhero’s Website Scraping feature.
Often, your organization’s website is a goldmine of valuable information, with every page and post reflecting the knowledge and expertise that you provide to your clients daily.

Deskhero harnesses this existing resource, extracting meaningful data from your site and incorporating it directly into your customer support ecosystem. The tool systematically trawls through your domain, identifying valuable pieces of information and making it readily accessible within your system.

This advanced feature ensures that no knowledge is left untapped, significantly enhancing your organization’s information arsenal.

Used as Knowledge

The data harvested through website scraping isn’t just stored; it’s dynamically integrated into your knowledge base.

Each scraped piece of information is processed through OpenAI Embeddings API, converting it into a searchable vector. This transforms your website’s information into actionable knowledge data, readily available for your support team and customer inquiries.

When a query is made, Deskhero runs it against these vectors, searching for relevant data from your very own website. This not only amplifies the breadth and depth of your knowledge base but also ties in seamlessly with the AI-driven search and suggested reply functions, providing contextually relevant information and responses based on your existing online content.

With Deskhero’s Website Scraping, every part of your website becomes a powerful resource for solving tickets and answering queries.