How AI composed suggested replies work

Leveraging your previous tickets, knowledge base, and even scattered documents


This guide will walk you through how the suggested reply feature works in Deskhero.

 In this example, the ticket is from a customer asking if they can pick up their order at the customers warehouse.




Observe the suggested reply. In this case, the reply confirms that the customer can pick up their order and provides the warehouse’s opening hours and address.




To understand the source of the suggested reply, look at the matched sources (“More like this”) on the right side.

 Its a mix of past tickets, Knowledgebase articles, scraped pages etc, that matches the incoming ticket contextually.




In this example, the source is an uploaded Word document containing information about shipping and in-store pickup.




Another matched example document is a scraped page from the customers website.



You can also ask your data manually by using the search bar in the top.

Simply enter a search question (and end it with a “?”).



That’s how the AI composed suggested reply feature works in Deskhero.


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