Embed a form on your website

Collect customer tickets to Deskhero

Easily integrate Deskhero’s ticketing system into your website with a simple HTML snippet. This allows your customers to submit tickets directly from your site, ensuring a seamless support experience.

Check out a sample form on our demo site; https://www.onlineelectronix.com/contact.html

Step-by-Step Instructions

Insert the HTML Code:

Copy and paste the following HTML snippet into the code of the page where you want the form to appear:

<script src=”https://[YOUR_TENANT_DOMAIN].deskhero.com/dh-form.js”></script>
<dh-form url=”https://[YOUR_TENANT_DOMAIN].deskhero.com/external/forms/dynamic?group=support”></dh-form>

Customization Options

Assigning Ticket Groups:
Customize which team receives the tickets by modifying the group parameter in the form URL. For example, to direct tickets to your Finance team, use group=finance.

Adding Custom Fields:
Enhance the form by adding custom fields. For instance, to include fields for ‘Invoice Number’ and ‘Invoice Reference’, append fields=invoice_no&fields=invoice_ref to the URL:

For example, if you want the ticket to be assigned to the group finance, and you want to include two custom fields called “Invoice number” and “Invoice reference” the form URL would be:


Remember, each custom field should be enabled for external forms in your Deskhero settings under Settings > Custom Fields.

Important Notes

  • The fields parameter corresponds to the “Unique Key” found in the advanced settings of your Deskhero portal.