Improving Knowledge Sharing with AI-Powered Helpdesk

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Improving Knowledge Sharing with AI-Powered Helpdesk

TechGuild has a wealth of resources including policy documents, manuals, presentations, and a frequently updated website. However, making these resources easily accessible and searchable for members was a challenge. Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities have transformed this process.

Deskhero's AI can generate knowledge base articles from Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, creating a structured and searchable database. It also scrapes the TechGuild website for updates, ensuring the knowledge base is always current.

The AI capabilities extend to the ticket management system as well. By analyzing previous tickets and the knowledge base, the AI can suggest replies to new inquiries, improving the efficiency of the support team.

The AI-powered search bar provides members with accurate and relevant search results, enhancing their experience and promoting knowledge sharing.

Through the REST API, TechGuild can integrate Deskhero with their existing systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data and overall operational efficiency.


How does Deskhero's AI enhance knowledge sharing?
Deskhero's AI generates a searchable knowledge base from existing resources and suggests replies to inquiries based on this knowledge base, promoting efficient knowledge sharing.

Can Deskhero keep our knowledge base current?
Yes, Deskhero's AI can scrape your website for updates, ensuring your knowledge base is always up-to-date.

How does the AI-powered search bar enhance member experience?
The AI-powered search bar provides accurate and relevant search results, making it easier for members to find the information they need.


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