Streamlining Customer Support with AI-Enhanced Ticket Management

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Streamlining Customer Support with AI-Enhanced Ticket Management

SkyLease Global receives hundreds of inquiries and support requests daily. Managing these tickets was a challenge until they implemented Deskhero. The platform's advanced AI capabilities leverage OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets and knowledge base articles to generate suggested replies, significantly reducing response times.

With Deskhero, SkyLease Global has been able to structure their data lists, create custom fields, and manage user groups more efficiently. The AI-powered search bar has also made it easier for their support team to find relevant information quickly.

The AI capabilities of Deskhero have also enhanced the company's knowledge base. By generating articles from Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, the platform has made it easier for the support team to access and share information. This has improved the quality of their support services and increased customer satisfaction.

Deskhero's website scraping feature has also been beneficial for SkyLease Global. The platform scrapes the company's website for updates and automatically updates the knowledge base. This ensures that the support team always has the most up-to-date information.

Finally, the REST API provided by Deskhero has allowed SkyLease Global to integrate the platform with their existing systems. This has streamlined their operations and improved the overall efficiency of their customer support.


How has Deskhero improved the efficiency of SkyLease Global's customer support?
Deskhero has improved the efficiency of SkyLease Global's customer support by leveraging AI to generate suggested replies, making it easier to find relevant information, and automatically updating the knowledge base.

How does Deskhero's website scraping feature benefit SkyLease Global?
Deskhero's website scraping feature benefits SkyLease Global by automatically updating the knowledge base with the latest information from the company's website.

Can SkyLease Global integrate Deskhero with their existing systems?
Yes, SkyLease Global can integrate Deskhero with their existing systems using the platform's REST API.


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