Improving Legal Research with AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Civil Rights Law - Equality Champions *1

Improving Legal Research with AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Equality Champions has a vast knowledge base consisting of numerous case studies, legal documents, and court rulings. With Deskhero, they can automatically generate articles from these files, creating a comprehensive and easily searchable database. The advanced AI capabilities of Deskhero leverage OpenAI Embeddings to find relevant content from this database, enhancing search results and making it easier for the team to find the information they need.

The firm also uses Deskhero's AI capabilities to manage their tickets effectively. The AI analyzes previous tickets and suggests replies based on the information gathered, significantly reducing response times and improving client satisfaction.

Deskhero's website scraping feature is used by Equality Champions to stay updated on the latest civil rights cases and rulings. The AI can analyze the scraped data, identify relevant information, and update the knowledge base accordingly.

Through custom email domains and user groups, Equality Champions ensures that all communication is organized and easily accessible. The firm also uses the custom fields feature to categorize their tickets and knowledge base articles, further enhancing their efficiency.

By integrating Deskhero's REST API, Equality Champions has been able to automate many of their processes, freeing up their team to focus on more critical tasks.


How does Deskhero's AI improve the search function?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings to analyze the content of the knowledge base, tickets, and other uploaded files. It then uses this analysis to enhance the search results, making it easier to find relevant information.

How does Deskhero's AI help in managing tickets?
The AI analyzes previous tickets and uses the information gathered to suggest replies to new tickets. This reduces response times and improves client satisfaction.

Can Deskhero's AI analyze data from external websites?
Yes, Deskhero's website scraping feature can gather data from external websites. The AI can then analyze this data and update the knowledge base accordingly.


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