AI-Enhanced Customer Support for Clock Part Replacements

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AI-Enhanced Customer Support for Clock Part Replacements

TimeKeepers Inc. receives hundreds of customer queries daily regarding clock part replacements. The company uses Deskhero's ticket management system to handle these inquiries effectively. The system automatically categorizes and prioritizes tickets based on the urgency and complexity of the issues.

With Deskhero's AI capabilities, TimeKeepers Inc. can quickly find relevant content from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded manuals, and scraped website data. The AI uses OpenAI Embeddings to identify this information, significantly reducing the time spent by customer support agents on research.

The suggested replies generated by OpenAIs ChatGPT have been instrumental in improving the efficiency of the support team. These suggestions are based on the information gathered from the AI's analysis, providing accurate and helpful responses to customers' queries.

Deskhero's comprehensive search bar has also been beneficial for TimeKeepers Inc. The AI-enhanced search results allow the support team to find specific information quickly, further improving response times.

Overall, Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities have enabled TimeKeepers Inc. to provide high-quality customer support while reducing the workload of their support team.


How does Deskhero's AI enhance the ticket management system?
Deskhero's AI enhances the ticket management system by using OpenAI Embeddings to analyze previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data. It then uses this information to categorize and prioritize tickets, as well as to generate suggested replies.

How does Deskhero's AI improve the efficiency of the support team?
Deskhero's AI improves the efficiency of the support team by providing suggested replies based on its analysis of relevant content. This reduces the time spent by support agents on research and allows them to respond to customer queries more quickly.

How does Deskhero's comprehensive search bar benefit TimeKeepers Inc.?
Deskhero's comprehensive search bar, enhanced by AI, allows the support team at TimeKeepers Inc. to quickly find specific information. This further improves response times and the overall efficiency of the support team.


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