AI-Powered Helpdesk Services for LobsterLink

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AI-Powered Helpdesk Services for LobsterLink

LobsterLink deals with a wide range of queries and issues related to their crustacean preservation processes and products. To manage these effectively, they use Deskhero's user groups and ticket management features. The AI capabilities of the platform analyze each ticket's content and suggest relevant replies based on previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and uploaded files.

The AI-powered comprehensive search bar is another feature that LobsterLink finds extremely useful. It allows the helpdesk team to quickly find specific tickets or customer details, making it easier to handle recurring issues or follow up on previous interactions.

Deskhero's AI capabilities also extend to the knowledge base. The platform automatically generates articles from uploaded Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, ensuring that the knowledge base is always updated with the latest information. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to maintain the knowledge base manually.

Furthermore, LobsterLink uses Deskhero's website scraping feature to keep track of relevant industry news and updates. The AI analyzes the scraped data and highlights important information, helping the company stay ahead of the competition.

By integrating Deskhero's REST API with their existing systems, LobsterLink has created a seamless workflow. The AI-enhanced capabilities of the platform have significantly improved their helpdesk efficiency and service quality.


How does the AI suggest replies to tickets?
The AI uses OpenAI Embeddings to analyze the content of the ticket and find relevant information from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and uploaded files. It then uses this information to generate a suitable reply.

How does the AI-enhanced search bar work?
The search bar uses AI to analyze the search query and find relevant results from the tickets, user groups, and knowledge base. It can also identify patterns and trends in the data, providing more accurate results.

How does Deskhero's website scraping feature work?
Deskhero's website scraping feature collects data from specified websites. The AI then analyzes this data and highlights important information, helping the company stay updated with industry news and updates.


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