Leveraging AI for Efficient Helpdesk Services at ConstructoMach Inc.

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Leveraging AI for Efficient Helpdesk Services at ConstructoMach Inc.

ConstructoMach Inc. has a large customer base spread across different regions. Handling customer queries and complaints was a challenging task due to the volume and complexity of issues. With Deskhero's AI-powered ticket management system, the company has been able to categorize and prioritize tickets effectively, leading to quicker resolution times.

The company has a wealth of information in the form of manuals, policies, and presentations. Deskhero's AI capabilities have been used to create structured data lists from these resources, making it easier for the support team to find relevant information when dealing with customer queries.

Deskhero's custom fields feature has been beneficial for ConstructoMach Inc. The AI uses these fields to better understand the nature of each ticket, enabling it to suggest more accurate replies. This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.

ConstructoMach Inc. also uses Deskhero's website scraping feature to keep their knowledge base up-to-date. The AI scrapes their website for new information and updates, ensuring that the support team always has the most current information.

Finally, the integration of Deskhero with ConstructoMach Inc.'s existing systems via the REST API has streamlined their operations. The AI capabilities of Deskhero have become a crucial part of their customer support services, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.


How does Deskhero's AI help in handling customer queries?
Deskhero's AI analyses the nature of each ticket using custom fields and suggests accurate replies based on previous tickets and the company's knowledge base. This leads to quicker resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

How does Deskhero keep the knowledge base up-to-date?
Deskhero's AI uses the website scraping feature to scrape your website for new information and updates. This ensures that your knowledge base and support team always have the most current information.

Can Deskhero be integrated with other systems?
Yes, Deskhero's REST API allows for integration with your existing systems, making it a seamless part of your operations.


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