Streamlining Customer Support with AI at ArmorTech Industries

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Streamlining Customer Support with AI at ArmorTech Industries

ArmorTech Industries receives numerous inquiries daily regarding their products, requiring a robust and efficient support system. They use Deskhero's ticket management feature to organize and prioritize these inquiries. The advanced AI capabilities of Deskhero help in suggesting replies based on previous tickets and knowledge base articles, significantly reducing the response time.

The AI also enhances the search results by leveraging OpenAI Embeddings from uploaded files like policies, manuals, and presentations. This feature allows the support team to quickly find relevant information, improving their efficiency and productivity.

ArmorTech also uses Deskhero's website scraping feature to keep their knowledge base updated with the latest information from their website. The AI capabilities of Deskhero analyze this scraped data and generate new knowledge base articles, ensuring that the support team always has the most current information at their disposal.

Furthermore, ArmorTech utilizes Deskhero's custom fields and user groups features to categorize their customers and inquiries. This categorization helps the AI in providing more accurate and relevant suggestions, further enhancing the support team's efficiency.

By leveraging Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities, ArmorTech Industries has been able to significantly improve their customer support, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced response times.


How does the AI suggest replies?
The AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and uploaded files to find relevant content. This content is then sent through OpenAI's ChatGPT to generate suggested replies.

How does the AI enhance search results?
The AI enhances search results by using OpenAI Embeddings from various sources like previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and uploaded files. This allows the AI to provide more accurate and relevant search results.

How does the website scraping feature work?
The website scraping feature automatically extracts data from your website and updates the knowledge base with the latest information. The AI then analyzes this data to generate new knowledge base articles.


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