Streamlining Ticket Management with Deskhero's AI Capabilities

Manufacture of perfume - FragranceFactory *1

Streamlining Ticket Management with Deskhero's AI Capabilities

FragranceFactory, dealing with a high volume of customer tickets about perfume orders, shipping, and product inquiries, found it challenging to manage their ticket system effectively. They turned to Deskhero for its advanced AI capabilities to manage their ticket system more efficiently.

Deskhero's AI leverages OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files like policies/manuals/presentation, and scraped website data. This feature helps FragranceFactory's support team to manage tickets more effectively by quickly finding relevant content and suggesting appropriate responses.

The AI also enhances search results within the ticket system, allowing the support team to find necessary information or past cases faster. This feature has significantly improved the team's productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

Additionally, Deskhero's kanban board, powered by AI, provides a visual overview of the ticket workflow, making it easier for FragranceFactory to track and manage tickets effectively.

Overall, Deskhero's AI capabilities have transformed FragranceFactory's ticket management process, resulting in quicker response times, higher customer satisfaction, and improved team productivity.


How does Deskhero's AI help in managing tickets?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from various sources to find relevant content quickly and suggest appropriate responses, making it easier to manage tickets.

Does Deskhero's AI require any manual intervention in managing tickets?
While Deskhero's AI greatly automates the process of finding relevant content and suggesting responses, the final decision on the response sent to the customer is still made by the support team member.

Can Deskhero's AI handle high volumes of tickets?
Yes, Deskhero's AI is designed to handle high volumes of tickets by leveraging a vast array of information sources to provide the most relevant and accurate responses.


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