Enhancing Customer Support with AI in LacyLux

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Enhancing Customer Support with AI in LacyLux

LacyLux receives a high volume of customer inquiries daily, ranging from product queries to complaints. The company uses Deskhero's ticket management feature to efficiently handle these inquiries. The advanced AI capabilities of Deskhero analyze previous tickets, identify patterns, and suggest replies, significantly reducing the response time.

The company also utilizes Deskhero's custom fields and structured data lists to categorize and prioritize tickets. This ensures that urgent matters are attended to promptly, improving customer satisfaction.

LacyLux has a vast amount of product information, user manuals, and policy documents. Using Deskhero's AI capabilities, these documents are converted into knowledge base articles. This not only helps in organizing the information but also makes it easily accessible for the support team.

Deskhero's website scraping feature is used by LacyLux to gather relevant information from competitor websites. This data is then analyzed by the AI to provide insights and suggestions for improving their own products and services.

Lastly, LacyLux uses Deskhero's comprehensive search bar, powered by AI, to quickly find relevant content from tickets, knowledge base articles, and scraped website data. This greatly enhances the efficiency of their customer support operations.


How does Deskhero's AI capabilities help in managing tickets?
Deskhero's AI analyzes previous tickets to identify patterns and suggest replies. This reduces the response time and improves the efficiency of handling customer inquiries.

How does Deskhero convert documents into knowledge base articles?
Deskhero's AI capabilities can read and understand documents like user manuals and policy documents. It then converts this information into structured knowledge base articles.

How does Deskhero's website scraping feature benefit LacyLux?
Deskhero's website scraping feature allows LacyLux to gather information from competitor websites. The AI then analyzes this data to provide insights and suggestions for improving their own products and services.


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