Improving Helpdesk Efficiency with AI for SpectraTech

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Improving Helpdesk Efficiency with AI for SpectraTech

SpectraTech's helpdesk team was overwhelmed with the volume of customer queries and complaints. With Deskhero's AI-powered ticket management system, the company can now categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets more effectively. The AI system uses OpenAI Embeddings from past tickets to suggest relevant responses, significantly reducing the time taken to resolve issues.

Deskhero's knowledge base feature has been instrumental for SpectraTech. The company has a wealth of technical documentation, user manuals, and troubleshooting guides. Deskhero's AI capabilities convert these resources into searchable knowledge base articles, helping the helpdesk team find solutions faster and enabling customers to self-serve, thereby reducing the workload on the helpdesk team.

The website scraping feature of Deskhero is a valuable tool for SpectraTech. The AI system scrapes the latest information from relevant websites, such as updates on X-Ray equipment technology or safety guidelines, and adds them to the knowledge base. This feature ensures that the helpdesk team always has access to the most recent and relevant information.

Deskhero's custom email domains and user groups features allow SpectraTech to maintain a professional image and ensure that the correct teams handle the right issues. The AI system suggests the suitable user group based on the ticket content, ensuring efficient ticket resolution.

Finally, the comprehensive search bar powered by AI enhances the search results by considering the context and relevance of the search terms. This feature makes it easier for the helpdesk team to find the information they need, improving their productivity and the quality of support provided to customers.


How does Deskhero's AI system suggest responses?
Deskhero's AI system uses OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and other resources to suggest relevant responses. It considers the context and content of the ticket to provide the most appropriate suggestion.

How does Deskhero keep the knowledge base up-to-date?
Deskhero uses its website scraping feature to gather the latest information from relevant websites. The AI system then adds this information to the knowledge base, ensuring it is always current.

How does the AI-powered search bar work?
The AI-powered search bar in Deskhero enhances search results by considering the context and relevance of the search terms. It uses OpenAI Embeddings to understand the search query and provide the most relevant results.


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