Introducing Our Help Desk Platform

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Introducing Our Help Desk Platform

I’m thrilled to share our first blog post and express our excitement about the upcoming launch of our first version of the help desk platform.

Our journey started two years ago with extensive research and designing of the product and architecture on paper. From there, we created wireframes and began the real UX/UI design work. A big shout out to Anna Pak, who led this work with incredible passion and dedication, leaving no detail to chance.

While the general advice for startups is to launch quickly with whatever is ready, we knew that doing things right from the beginning would be the best approach for us. We wanted to avoid rewriting slow and unscalable parts later, so we invested in building a strong foundation.

A lot of “plumbing” prevented us from delivering super-early, but it pays off now with much faster deliveries of new features and extensions. We built our own UI framework (check it out here), made our API public for everything you can do in the portal (check it out here), and took security, scaling, and redundancy seriously. We’re running on AWS, and every single bit of infrastructure is written with code.

To ensure our platform could handle large-scale use, we tested it with 100 million (fake) users, thousands of tenants, and of course, millions and millions of tickets.

I want to express my gratitude to Anna, Felipe, Gabriel, and Zakaria for their exceptional hard work. Together, we’ve created something truly fantastic.

Let the story begin!

Jimmie Antonsson
Founder and CEO

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Jimmie Antonsson
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