Data Bank Series: Leveraging Past Tickets to Supercharge Future Support

Your previously resolved tickets are valuable AI knowledge

Data Bank Series: Leveraging Past Tickets to Supercharge Future Support

Your past tickets are more than closed chapters; they’re valuable lessons waiting to be harnessed. With Deskhero, you can turn your previously resolved tickets into valuable knowledge sources for your AI-driven customer support.

Why do I need this?

The support tickets you’ve resolved over time likely represent a broad spectrum of customer queries, concerns, and issues. These resolved tickets aren’t just a history of support interactions, they’re a repository of solutions and insights. By leveraging this data, Deskhero’s AI engine, using ChatGPT, can learn from past solutions and use them to address future support queries.

It’s about learning from the past to enhance the future. You’ll never have to answer the same or a similar ticket more than once!

How do I use it?

The process is seamless and requires no additional steps from you. As you resolve tickets and provide solutions, Deskhero automatically processes and stores this information using OpenAI embeddings. These resolved tickets are then utilized as reference material by ChatGPT to generate responses to new tickets or queries.

In essence, each resolved ticket contributes to the AI’s knowledge bank, enabling it to provide faster and more accurate responses. The more tickets you resolve, the smarter your AI-driven support becomes!

Transform your ticket history into an AI-powered knowledge repository with Deskhero and say goodbye to repetitive support queries! Make every resolved ticket count in driving superior customer support.

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