Press Release – Beta launch Group AB Unveils Game-Changing Support and Project Management Tool

Press Release – Beta launch

Varberg, Sweden, 2023-09-06 Group AB announces the beta launch of Deskhero, a platform set to revolutionize customer support and project management.

What Makes Deskhero Unique? Gone are days of repetitive support responses. With Deskhero, once a query is answered, it’s cataloged. Future similar queries prompt the AI to suggest responses, sourcing past tickets. Beyond that, Deskhero’s Knowledge Base, document uploads, and site scraping create a diverse knowledge ecosystem. The result? Relevant responses, culled from multiple sources, delivered fast.

Key Features:

  1. Tickets: Advanced ticketing system, boosted by AI for consistent, quick answers.
  2. Knowledge Base: More than a storage, it’s a dynamic AI response tool. Upload documents (manuals, policies etc.) for AI to extract relevant info.
  3. Lists: Flexible data management, mirroring data tables’ functions but with added customization.

Additional features include customizable email domains, domain scraping for AI learning, an AI-powered search bar, and a comprehensive API.

During its beta, Deskhero is free. “We’re confident Deskhero will redefine support and project management. We invite users to experience its potential,” says Jimmie Antonsson, CEO at Deskhero.

About Deskhero: Deskhero offers an AI-powered SaaS tool focused on maximizing efficiency in customer support. By tapping into an expansive knowledge base, including previously addressed tickets, documentation, and web data, it promises to save businesses time and effort.

Press Contact:
Jimmie Antonsson

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Jimmie Antonsson
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