AI Powered Suggested Replies

Automated, Human-Like Suggestions

Deskhero takes ticket handling to the next level with AI-powered suggested replies.

As a customer support agent, you no longer need to spend time figuring out the best response for a new ticket. Using advanced AI technology, Deskhero analyzes the ticket and provides a human-like, contextually relevant suggestion for your reply.

This feature combines cutting-edge AI algorithms with the depth of ChatGPT, enabling it to generate meaningful responses that accurately represent your organization’s voice and effectively address your customer’s needs.

This automated assistance not only improves response times but also provides consistent and high-quality support, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Never answer a question twice.

Based on Previous Tickets and Everything Else

How does Deskhero provide these accurate suggestions?

It learns from your history and current data. Each ticket, knowledge base article, and data point from your scraped website becomes a part of Deskhero’s vast knowledge pool.

When a new ticket comes in, the AI analyses the ticket’s content, runs it against the embeddings vector database (generated using OpenAI Embeddings API), and finds relevant, similar data from previous tickets and other sources.

It then combines the new ticket’s query with this relevant data and feeds it to ChatGPT, which generates a comprehensive and contextually appropriate suggested reply. This is not merely a regurgitation of past responses, but a new, tailor-made solution crafted from the best parts of your existing data.

With Deskhero, every ticket becomes a valuable learning experience, continuously enhancing your system’s understanding and improving its responses.