Streamlining Customer Support with AI at SkyHigh Hot Air Ballooning

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Streamlining Customer Support with AI at SkyHigh Hot Air Ballooning

SkyHigh Hot Air Ballooning deals with a variety of customer queries daily, from booking inquiries to safety concerns. They use Deskhero's user groups and tickets management system to efficiently handle these inquiries. The AI capabilities of Deskhero categorize and prioritize these tickets, reducing manual sorting time.

Deskhero's AI also enhances SkyHigh's knowledge base by generating articles from uploaded files like safety manuals, flight instructions, and weather guidelines. This ensures that customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Using OpenAI embeddings, Deskhero suggests replies to customer queries by referencing previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and other relevant data. This feature has significantly improved the speed and quality of SkyHigh's customer responses.

SkyHigh also utilizes Deskhero's comprehensive search bar, powered by AI, to quickly find relevant information. Whether it's a past ticket or a specific detail in their extensive knowledge base, the AI-enhanced search delivers precise results instantly.

Lastly, SkyHigh uses Deskhero's REST API to integrate the platform with their existing systems. This seamless integration allows them to leverage Deskhero's capabilities without disrupting their current operations.


How does Deskhero's AI categorize and prioritize tickets?
Deskhero's AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the content of the tickets. It then categorizes and prioritizes them based on the urgency and topic identified.

How does Deskhero generate knowledge base articles?
Deskhero's AI can generate knowledge base articles from uploaded files like Word, PowerPoint, PDF files, and even scraped website data. It extracts relevant information and structures it into an easy-to-read format.

How does Deskhero's AI-enhanced search work?
Deskhero's search uses AI to understand the context of the search query. It then references the OpenAI embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and other data to deliver the most relevant results.


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