Streamlining BreakerTech's Customer Support with AI

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Streamlining BreakerTech's Customer Support with AI

BreakerTech uses Deskhero's AI to analyze previous tickets and knowledge base articles, enabling the AI to generate suggested replies for common customer queries. This significantly reduces the workload of their customer support agents, allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

The company also makes use of Deskhero's website scraping feature to keep their knowledge base updated with the latest product information and technical specifications. This data is then utilized by the AI to enhance search results and provide more accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Through Deskhero's REST API, BreakerTech has been able to integrate the platform with their existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to their operations. The custom fields and user groups features allow them to customize the platform to meet their specific needs.

BreakerTech has found the AI's ability to generate knowledge base articles from Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files particularly useful. This feature enables them to quickly create comprehensive and easily searchable resources for their customer support agents and customers.

By leveraging Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities, BreakerTech has been able to significantly enhance their customer support services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


How does Deskhero's AI generate suggested replies?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data to find relevant content. This content is then sent through OpenAI's ChatGPT to generate suggested replies.

What is the benefit of using Deskhero's website scraping feature?
The website scraping feature allows companies to automatically update their knowledge base with the latest product information and technical specifications. This ensures that the AI always has the most current data when generating responses to customer queries.

Can Deskhero be integrated with existing systems?
Yes, Deskhero's REST API allows for seamless integration with existing systems, minimizing disruption to operations during the transition.


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