Optimizing Customer Support with AI in ClearCut Solutions

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Optimizing Customer Support with AI in ClearCut Solutions

ClearCut Solutions receives numerous queries daily from clients seeking advice on their projects. With Deskhero, they have been able to manage these tickets effectively. The AI capabilities allow the system to generate suggested replies based on previous tickets and knowledge base articles, reducing the time spent on each ticket.

The company has a vast knowledge base, including manuals and policies uploaded as word, powerpoint, and pdf files. Deskhero's AI can extract information from these files, creating a structured data list that enhances search results. This feature has made it easier for the support team to find relevant information quickly.

ClearCut Solutions also uses Deskhero's website scraping feature to gather additional information from external sources. The AI can analyze this data and incorporate it into the suggested replies and search results, providing a more comprehensive service to the customers.

Through the use of custom fields and user groups, ClearCut Solutions has been able to personalize their support services. The AI uses these fields to tailor the suggested replies to each customer, improving the overall customer experience.

Finally, the REST API provided by Deskhero allows ClearCut Solutions to integrate the platform with their existing systems. This seamless integration has streamlined their operations and made it easier to manage their customer support services.


How does Deskhero's AI generate suggested replies?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data to find relevant content. This content is then sent through OpenAI's ChatGPT to generate suggested replies.

How does Deskhero enhance search results?
Deskhero uses advanced AI capabilities to analyze the data from various sources, including previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data. This analysis enhances the search results, making it easier to find relevant information.

How does Deskhero integrate with existing systems?
Deskhero provides a REST API that allows it to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. This integration streamlines operations and makes it easier to manage customer support services.


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