Leveraging AI for Efficient Customer Support

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Leveraging AI for Efficient Customer Support

Concrete Cutters Inc., a leading company in the concrete sawing and drilling industry, faced challenges in managing their growing customer queries and support tickets. The company turned to Deskhero, a SaaS platform designed for customer support and helpdesk services, to streamline their processes.

With Deskhero, Concrete Cutters Inc. was able to structure their data lists, manage tickets effectively, and customize fields and email domains. The platform's user groups and kanban board features allowed for better team collaboration and task management.

The game-changer, however, was Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities. Leveraging OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files like policies/manuals/presentation, and scraped website data, the AI could find relevant content and generate suggested replies. This significantly reduced response times and improved the quality of customer interactions.

The AI also enhanced search results, making it easier for the support team to find necessary information quickly. This not only improved their efficiency but also their ability to provide accurate and helpful responses to customers.

Overall, Deskhero's AI capabilities have transformed Concrete Cutters Inc.'s customer support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more efficient operations.


How has Deskhero's AI capabilities improved Concrete Cutters Inc.'s customer support?
Deskhero's AI capabilities have significantly reduced response times by generating suggested replies and enhancing search results. This has improved the quality of customer interactions and the efficiency of the support team.

What other features of Deskhero does Concrete Cutters Inc. use?
Concrete Cutters Inc. also uses Deskhero's structured data lists, ticket management, custom fields and email domains, user groups, and kanban board features.

Has Deskhero improved Concrete Cutters Inc.'s operations?
Yes, by streamlining their customer support and helpdesk services, Deskhero has improved Concrete Cutters Inc.'s operations and led to higher customer satisfaction.


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