AI-Powered Helpdesk Services for Construction Recruitment

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AI-Powered Helpdesk Services for Construction Recruitment

ConstructMatch deals with numerous queries from job seekers and construction firms daily. Deskhero's structured data lists and custom fields have helped them organize and manage these queries effectively.

The advanced AI capabilities of Deskhero have been a game-changer for ConstructMatch. The AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, and uploaded files to find relevant content. This content is then used to generate suggested replies, significantly reducing the time spent on each ticket.

The knowledge base feature of Deskhero has been instrumental in providing self-service options to users. The AI-enhanced search bar provides accurate results, helping users find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Deskhero's REST API has allowed ConstructMatch to integrate the platform with their existing systems seamlessly. This integration has further streamlined their operations and improved their response times.

Overall, Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities have transformed ConstructMatch's helpdesk services, improving their efficiency and customer satisfaction.


How does Deskhero's AI improve response times?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings to find relevant content based on the query. It then generates suggested replies, reducing the time spent on each ticket.

Can Deskhero integrate with our existing systems?
Yes, Deskhero provides a REST API that allows seamless integration with your existing systems.

How does the AI-enhanced search bar work?
The AI-enhanced search bar uses OpenAI Embeddings to provide accurate search results based on the user's query. It considers previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data.


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