AI-Powered Knowledge Base Management

Mail Processing - ParcelPro *1

AI-Powered Knowledge Base Management

ParcelPro has an extensive knowledge base consisting of numerous articles, manuals, and policies. However, customers often found it difficult to find relevant information, leading to an increase in support tickets.

ParcelPro turned to Deskhero for a solution. Deskhero's AI capabilities leveraged OpenAI Embeddings from the knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data to enhance the search results. This made it easier for customers to find relevant information.

Deskhero's AI also generated suggested replies based on the knowledge base. This feature was integrated into ParcelPro's customer support chat, providing instant responses to common queries and reducing the load on the support team.

Additionally, Deskhero's REST API allowed ParcelPro to integrate the platform with their existing systems, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining continuity in customer support.

Thanks to Deskhero's AI capabilities, ParcelPro has seen a significant reduction in support tickets and an improvement in customer self-service.


How does Deskhero's AI enhance the knowledge base search?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI Embeddings from various sources to enhance the search results, making it easier for customers to find relevant information in the knowledge base.

Can Deskhero's AI generate replies based on the knowledge base?
Yes, Deskhero's AI can generate suggested replies based on the knowledge base. These replies can be used in customer support chats to provide instant responses to common queries.

Can Deskhero be integrated with existing systems?
Yes, Deskhero's REST API allows for seamless integration with existing systems.


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