Leveraging AI for Proactive Customer Support

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Leveraging AI for Proactive Customer Support

BristleTech receives a variety of customer queries, from technical questions about their products to inquiries about their innovative manufacturing processes. Using Deskhero's ticket management system, they can efficiently sort and respond to these queries. The AI capabilities of the platform provide suggested replies, significantly reducing response times.

The AI also uses OpenAI embeddings from BristleTech's extensive knowledge base and uploaded files like manuals, presentations, and policies. This feature has been crucial in providing accurate and comprehensive responses to technical queries.

Deskhero's website scraping feature has been particularly useful for BristleTech. The AI uses the scraped data to enhance search results, enabling the support team to quickly find relevant information.

Through the custom email domains feature, BristleTech maintains a professional and consistent image in their communications. The AI's ability to generate suggested replies has ensured that their responses are not only quick but also consistent in tone and content.

Overall, Deskhero's AI capabilities have enabled BristleTech to provide proactive and efficient customer support, leading to high customer satisfaction rates and a strong reputation in the industry.


How does Deskhero's AI help in providing proactive customer support?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data to generate suggested replies. This enables the support team to respond to queries quickly and accurately, thereby providing proactive customer support.

How does Deskhero's website scraping feature enhance search results?
The AI uses the data scraped from the website to enhance the search results. This enables the support team to quickly find relevant information, thereby improving their efficiency.

How does Deskhero maintain consistency in communications?
Deskhero's custom email domains feature allows for a consistent professional image in communications. Additionally, the AI's ability to generate suggested replies ensures consistency in the tone and content of the responses.


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