The Revolution of AI-Driven Search

Speak to your data today!

The Revolution of AI-Driven Search

Deskhero’s AI-powered search transforms your data interaction. Imagine having a chat with your data, asking a question, and receiving a precise answer. That’s the power we offer – a dynamic, responsive search function that acts like a FAQ bot, conducting a dialogue with your data.

Why do I need this?

Keyword searches can be like a game of hide-and-seek, especially when dealing with a flood of data. Deskhero reshapes this experience by offering a search method that comprehends the context of your query, not just the keywords.

Our AI-Driven search function understands the ‘meaning’ behind your query and fetches the most relevant information, no matter where it’s stored – be it in knowledge base articles, previous tickets, uploaded files, or from your (scraped) web site.

For instance, if you ask, “What’s the process to reset my password?”, traditional keyword search might pull up every document mentioning ‘password.’ In contrast, our contextual search narrows down the responses, focusing on content that involves ‘resetting a password.’ It understands what you’re really asking.

How do I use it?

Starting a conversation with your data is as easy as asking a question:

  1. Log into the Deskhero web app.
  2. Locate the search input field at the top.
  3. Formulate your query as a question.
  4. Press ‘Enter’ and let Deskhero start the dialogue with your data.

Embrace the shift from a world of keyword guesswork to one where you can have meaningful conversations with your data. With Deskhero’s AI-driven search, your data doesn’t just listen, it understands and responds. Speak to your data today!

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Jimmie Antonsson
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