Automation Rules

Automate routine tasks

The Automation Rules feature on tickets allows you to streamline your work process by automatically setting field values, such as assignee or priority, based on predefined criteria. This saves time and ensures that tickets are properly categorized and managed.

For example, you can create a rule that automatically sets the priority of incoming tickets from a specific sender domain to “high.” Or, you can create a rule that sets the assignee of a ticket based on keywords found in the email body. The possibilities are endless, and with this feature, you can easily automate routine tasks and focus on more important work.

Create multiple rules for different criterias

The Automation Rules feature is highly customizable, and you can create multiple rules for different criterias. To set up automation rules, simply go to the Deskhero configuration section, create a new rule, and define the criteria and field values. Deskhero will then handle the rest, ensuring that all incoming tickets are processed according to your rules.