Improving Customer Support with AI at TheatreHub Co.

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Improving Customer Support with AI at TheatreHub Co.

TheatreHub Co. receives a variety of customer queries daily, ranging from ticket booking issues to inquiries about upcoming productions. They use Deskhero's ticket management feature to organize these queries effectively. The AI capabilities of Deskhero analyze the content of the tickets and categorize them based on their nature, making it easier for the support team to address them.

The custom fields feature allows TheatreHub Co. to collect specific information from customers, such as their preferred type of plays or actors. This data is then used by the AI to personalize the responses, enhancing customer satisfaction.

TheatreHub Co. also uses the knowledge base feature of Deskhero to create a comprehensive database of information about their productions. The AI capabilities of Deskhero analyze this data and use it to generate suggested replies to customer queries. This not only saves time for the support team but also ensures that the responses are accurate and consistent.

Deskhero's website scraping feature is used by TheatreHub Co. to keep track of reviews and feedback about their productions on different websites. The AI analyzes this data and provides insights into customer preferences and areas of improvement.

Finally, the advanced search bar powered by AI makes it easy for the support team to find relevant information quickly. Whether they are looking for a specific ticket or information in the knowledge base, the AI-enhanced search provides accurate results in no time.


How does Deskhero's AI categorize the tickets?
Deskhero's AI analyzes the content of the tickets and categorizes them based on their nature. For example, it can distinguish between a ticket booking issue and an inquiry about an upcoming production.

How does the AI personalize the responses?
The AI uses the information collected through the custom fields to personalize the responses. For example, if a customer has indicated a preference for a certain type of play, the AI can include information about similar upcoming productions in the response.

How does the AI-enhanced search work?
The AI-enhanced search analyzes the query and uses the embeddings from previous tickets, knowledge base articles, uploaded files, and scraped website data to find the most relevant information.


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