Improving Customer Experience with AI at CabinetCo

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Improving Customer Experience with AI at CabinetCo

CabinetCo prides itself on its customer service. However, managing a large volume of customer queries was becoming a challenge. With Deskhero, they have been able to streamline their customer support operations. The AI capabilities of Deskhero, leveraging OpenAI embeddings from various sources, generate suggested replies, helping the support team respond faster and more accurately.

The custom fields and structured data lists features of Deskhero allow CabinetCo to manage tickets effectively. The AI-powered comprehensive search bar enables the team to find relevant information quickly, improving their efficiency.

Deskhero's knowledge base feature has been a game-changer for CabinetCo. The AI generates articles from different file types and even scrapes data from the company's website. This has resulted in a comprehensive knowledge base that customers can use for self-service, reducing the burden on the support team.

CabinetCo has integrated Deskhero with its existing systems using the REST API, ensuring smooth data flow. The custom email domains feature helps maintain brand consistency across all customer interactions.

In conclusion, Deskhero's advanced AI capabilities have greatly improved CabinetCo's customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient support team.


How has Deskhero helped improve response times at CabinetCo?
Deskhero's AI uses OpenAI embeddings from various sources to generate suggested replies, enabling the support team to respond faster and more accurately to customer queries.

How does Deskhero assist in ticket management?
Deskhero provides features like custom fields and structured data lists that help in effective ticket management. Its comprehensive search bar allows quick access to relevant information.

What benefits has the knowledge base feature brought to CabinetCo?
Deskhero's AI generates knowledge base articles from various file types and website data, creating a comprehensive resource for customers. This has reduced the load on the support team as customers can use it for self-service.


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