How to Create an Email Address for Ticket Communication


Email addresses in Deskhero are closely linked to groups.

Each group can have one or more email aliases associated with it. By default, the address format is [group]@[customer], and this requires no additional setup.

To manage groups and their corresponding email addresses, navigate to Settings > Groups.

Each group can have one or more email aliases

Your own domain

Optionally, if you prefer a personalized touch, Deskhero allows you to use your own domain for sending and receiving emails.

Use your own domain for the email communication

To begin, add your desired domain under Settings > Email Domains. For a detailed walkthrough, refer to our guide: How to use your own domain for emails.

Once your domain is integrated, return to your group settings and click ‘edit’. From there, simply select your domain from the dropdown menu adjacent to the email alias.

The last crucial step involves configuring your primary email server to forward incoming messages to the dedicated address in Deskhero. For a step-by-step guide on this, check out: How to Forward Emails into Deskhero.

Forward to Deskhero

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